Golf Course Etiquette

                       You Can Bring a New Level of Dignity and Respect to Women's Golf

                                    (Taken from the
LPGA Amateur Golf Association Member Benefits handbook)

One of the most important elements of our mission statement is to help educate our members about proper conduct and golf course etiquette. Always remember that golf is a game of honor. Your actions and behavior can be a direct reflection upon the association and women's golf in general. Help us bring a new level of dignity and respect to women's golf by reviewing and adhering to the following rules.

First, always arrive at the golf course in plenty of time to be prepared for your golf game (at least 30 minutes before your tee time).

Before heading to the first tee, make sure you have everything you need (plenty of balls, tees, ball markers, etc).

Compare golf balls with your playing partner in order to differentiate one from another.

Try to apply ready play whenever possible.  BE READY to hit your ball the moment another player has completed her shot.

Take several clubs with you if you need to depart from the cart to avoid the necessity of walking back to your cart.  Make sure you and your partner communicate who should drive the cart.

When confined to cart paths, always park your cart just a little ahead of where you hit the ball so you don't ever have to walk back.

Help the other players spot their balls when they head for the woods or out of bounds to reduce the amount of search time.

Never spend more than 5 minutes looking for lost balls (and even less on a crowded golf course).

ALWAYS keep up with the group in front of you. If you find your group is lagging behind, take the initiative to suggest everyone speed up in order to catch up.

When asked by the ranger to speed things up, accept and respond to his or her request graciously.  They wouldn't be asking if the golf course didn't need to be thinning out. A little trimming of time here and there can make for a more playable day for everyone on the course! Always park your cart on the side of the green closest to the next tee to allow for the group behind you to play immediately upon holing out.

Never record your scores while at the green.  Do it at the next tee.

Whenever stopping for food and beverage whether at the beverage cart or at the turn, try to avoid any delays on the course. Don't expect to take a break and then jump back in whenever you're done. It's just like cutting in line and nobody will appreciate your dilemma.

Make every effort to keep track of your own shots as you go along.